1914 Hans was born to Folke and Nanny Ehrenstrale on Kosta Bruk, Sweden

1920-30 Elementary School. Hans grows up in a home with five brothers and sisters. His mother Nanny lives by strong protestant influence.

1934 Graduates from Uppsalas Fjellstedska Skolan, an ultra classic lycee and boarding school of then Christian orientation. Enters Lund university to read Semitic languages and Greek. He takes active part in student movements and joins the liberal tendency opposing the fascist influences from the European continent.

1938 He takes a first academic exam in the philosophical faculty and commences Theological studies. Intermittently he is mobilized for military service for long periods of time.

1943 married Elisabeth Charlotte Fischer (two children)

1943-44 Recruited for a mission abroad – Lund University is asked to propose a candidate
for the Neutral Swedish-Swiss Commission for Greece under the auspices of the International Red Cross. This institution is an outcome of an agreement between the Allies and the Aces. He is appointed as neutral delegate to Northern Peleponesos and Western Greece in December 1943. First marriage to Elizabeth Fischer. (this marriage will dissolve in 1948).

1944 Thermon, Kalavryta, Patras. He negotiates the liberation of Patras from the occupying German forces, the Allies, the Elas-partisans and Euzones-Quisslings.

1945 He writes Peacemaker in Greece which is published later in the year by Bonniers.

1945-46 Director of Action of Reconstruction at the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1946-47 Co-ordinates the Swedish Technical Assistance to Polen

1948 Second marriage, to Britt Ingeborg Alma Elsa Broman (two children)

1948-49 Chef de Mission UNICEF to Bucarest and Youguslavia

1950-56 UNICEF Area Representative for Middle East based in Beirut

1956-64 UNICEF Area Director Ethiopia

1964-68 UN Resident Representative Congo

1967-70 UN Resident Representative Ivory Coast

1970-74 UN Resident Representative Algeria

1974-76 Amnesty International Deputy Secretary General

2006 Hans died on 2 September in Rugby